Encapsulated Bioactives

Experience the excellence of skincare innovation with our encapsulated bioactives, now available for purchase on the Swift Innovations website. These tiny powerhouses are crafted to perfection, encapsulating potent ingredients that can transform your skincare routine. What sets us apart is the ability to customize these encapsulations to match your unique needs, whether it’s enhanced skin hydration, anti-aging benefits, or targeted skin treatments. Elevate your skincare game with the precision of customization and let our encapsulated bioactives redefine the way you care for your skin. Discover the future of personalized skincare at Swift Innovations, where excellence meets individuality.


Introducing ZeaCapTM, a breakthrough skincare innovation by Swift Innovations. ZeaCapTM harnesses the power of bioactive Zeaxanthin, encapsulating it within plant-derived phospholipids. This cutting-edge formulation ensures that Zeaxanthin is delivered precisely to your skin, offering exceptional antioxidant protection and promoting a radiant, youthful complexion. With ZeaCapTM, we redefine the standards of skincare, where science meets nature to unlock the full potential of your skin’s vitality. Experience the transformation with ZeaCapTM, the future of skincare at Swift Innovations.


KaemCap™ is an exceptional skincare innovation crafted by Swift Innovations. KaemCap™ encapsulates the bioactive Kaempferol within plant-derived phospholipids, creating a powerhouse formulation for your skin. This technology ensures precise delivery of Kaempferol’s benefits, promoting skin health, radiance, and resilience. With KaemCap™ , we blend the best of nature and science to redefine your skincare experience. Discover the transformation with KaemCap™ , where excellence in skincare meets the purity of nature at Swift Innovations.