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Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds, and we’re here to empower your journey into the realms of bioactive extraction, nanoencapsulation, micro emulsification, specialty chemicals/paints, polymer functionalization, customized amino acids & peptides, and nanomaterial fabrication & synthesis.

Bioactive Extraction

Our expertise extends into the art of extracting nature’s treasures, unlocking the potential of bioactive compounds from a myriad of sources. With meticulous precision, we harness the power of these compounds for a multitude of applications. Extraction is a very crucial process in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, natural product chemistry and the cosmetic industry. These bioactive compounds encompass a diverse array of molecules, including alkaloids, phytochemicals, polyphenols, essential oils, enzymes and much more, each of them has unique properties and hence different therapeutic application.
We employ a range of methodologies from traditional solvent- based approaches, like Soxhlet extraction, to more modern and sustainable techniques like microwave – assisted extraction, ultrasound- assisted extraction, supercritical extraction technique.The goal is to efficiently and selectively extract these bioactive compounds while minimizing damage and preserve their bioactivity.


Swift Innovations is focused on the extraction of bioactives from various sources and their efficacy to maximize their benefits. In the world of nanoencapsulation, we transform active ingredients into nanoscale marvels, enhancing their stability, bioavailability, and targeted delivery. This is where innovation meets precision, amplifying the impact of your formulations. The cutting edge technology involves enclosing these valuable molecules within nanometer – sized delivery systems. Nanoencapsulation methods commonly employed include liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles and solid lipid nanoparticles. Nanoencapsulation protects bioactives from degradation ensuring their efficacy. Additionally, it enables controlled release, allowing prolonged and sustained delivery. Nanoencapsulation can also improve solubility, making poorly water-soluble bio actives more accessible for absorption in the body
The benefits of using this advanced technique in cosmetics is tremendous as it provides an improved ingredient delivery system for active ingredients like peptides, antioxidants as nanocarriers which ensures controlled release, better penetration into the skin. It also provides enhanced texture. Nano encapsulated particles can create lightweight and smooth formulations, improving the texture and feel of cosmetic products. It also reduces the need for preservatives and stabilizers, contributing to more environmentally friendly and sustainable cosmetic formulation making it more effective in skin care


We create microemulsions, homogenous mixtures of immiscible liquids. The result? Enhanced solubility, prolonged shelf life, and an exquisite blend of components. Microemulsion technology is a valuable innovation in the cosmetic industry. It involves the creation of stable, transparent and thermodynamically stable mixtures of water, oil and surfactants at nanoscale level. It provides improved solubility as microemulsion can solubilise both hydrophobic and hydrophilic ingredients, enhancing the formulation of cosmetic products with a wide range of actives, such as antioxidants and essential oils. It also enhances skin penetration, as the small droplet size of microemulsions allows for better penetration of active ingredients into the skin. It also provides an elegant texture by providing non-greasy texture, lightweight which feels pleasant on the skin and hence making them suitable for various cosmetic applications. Microemulsion can be used in creams, lotions, serums and other cosmetic products offering formulator flexibility in the product development.
Swift Innovations can prepare customised microemulsions for diverse purposes as pharmaceuticals, paints and skincare.

Polymer Functionalization

Our expertise in polymer functionalization opens doors to a spectrum of possibilities, enabling customized solutions that align precisely with your unique requirements. In the field of biomedicine, functionalized polymers play a crucial role in drug delivery systems, biomaterials, and tissue engineering, facilitating targeted drug release and improving biocompatibility. In the electronics industry, these modified polymers find utility in creating advanced electronic components and improving adhesion between materials. Additionally, in the realm of environmental science, functionalized polymers are employed in water treatment processes, adsorbing contaminants and pollutants efficiently. From automotive coatings that enhance durability to smart textiles with responsive properties, the applications of polymer functionalization are virtually limitless, offering innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

Customized Amino Acids & Peptides

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, these molecular building blocks serve as the foundation for developing novel drugs and therapies, including targeted cancer treatments and vaccines. They play a pivotal role in the cosmetics and skincare industry, where they are harnessed for their anti-aging properties, promoting collagen production, and enhancing skin elasticity.
In agriculture, customized amino acids and peptides are employed to develop specialized fertilizers and plant growth enhancers. They also find utility in the food industry for improving flavors, enhancing nutritional content, and as additives for functional foods. Furthermore, these customized molecules are crucial in molecular biology research, facilitating the study of protein structures and functions. Their wide-ranging applications highlight their significance in driving innovation across scientific, medical, and commercial domains.