Research Lab

The focus of our in-house research laboratory is to develop customized skincare products for our clients. We assist our customers to tailor their products according to the market demands and regulatory requirements. We have the capability to fulfill the demands of our clients – however challenging it might be!

The quality compliance of the raw material is as much important as the process itself in the skincare industry. We make sure that we take the utmost care to ensure the quality right from the raw material to the end product. Our laboratories are fully equipped to not only carry out formulation development but to also conduct product testing at every stage of the production.

Our lab assists in:

Custom formulation
There is a growing requirement by clients to have products that are specifically tailored to their individual needs as well as with the latest trends. We optimize the formula performance through ingredient engineering. We develop original preparations and combine exclusive, innovative and functional ingredients to create the cosmetic formula you’re looking for. Our experts combine the systematic use of targeted ingredients with research on specific active ingredients for innovative and efficient products.

Pilot batches
Our specialists in Research Lab develop a pilot batch for your approval once your team is satisfied with the formulation of your product. The pilot is then submitted to our scale-up team before we start manufacturing your private label product.

Research & Development
Our research team is committed in developing formulations with key/new ingredients that meet customer’s requirements for product innovation, performance attributes, and cost.

We are continuously investigating new technologies and trends to produce products that will give your company the competitive edge in the marketplace.