Our Team

Jagvir Singh

Phd Nanotechnology


Dr. Jagvir Singh, the man behind the company’s inception holds a doctoral degree in Nanotechnology and an MBA. He has worked with institutions like CSIR (Council for Scientific & Industrial Research), India; Nanosystems Engineering Technology at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology); and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta and Centre for Applied Research, Lethbridge College. He possesses extensive research experience in the chemistry of polyphenols and implications of interfacial chemistry in targeted delivery of bioactives using micro emulsification and nano-encapsulation.
For over 19 years, his expertise from ‘research’ and ‘lab’ to ‘market’ transition has made Swift Innovation a reality. His ethos is that of a passionate scientist, meticulously fuelled by curiosity, and coupled with a resolute business acumen who understands the pulse of market & latest industry trends.

Sippy Kalra

PhD Organic Chemistry

Director R&D

Dr. Sippy Kalra stands as a distinguished researcher boasting a portfolio enriched by over 19 years of multifaceted research experience spanning diverse domains, including biochemical synthesis, natural product extraction, carbon technology, nanotechnology, and environmental sciences.
She has done her PhD in Organic Chemistry and has published more than 50 research papers, two patents and several scientific papers presented in conferences. She was awarded as young scientist (2012) and guest scientist (2014) BAM, Berlin, Germany for her work. She holds two patents and has published over 50 research publications in reputed journals and is currently working on development of novel formulations based on nano-encapsulated actives, biodegradable surfactant systems and liposomic delivery of bioactives.

Geeta Yadav

MA Economics


Geeta Yadav, the driving force behind the company’s inception, is armed with a wealth of experience exceeding two decades in the sales and marketing. She is an example of resolute determination and entrepreneurial spirit with her education and experience in the intricacies that define contemporary skincare trends.
Her role extends into nurturing client relationships, cultivating connections, budget management to optimize resources for maximal impact. She leads the key client negotiations, sales reporting, partnership development and crisis management for the company.

Abhishek Bhambani


General Manager, Sales & Marketing

Abhishek is a highly experienced business professional with an impressive 14-year track record in the realm of CPG brands. His career showcases a deep expertise in leveraging marketing strategies to build and nurture global brands, consistently delivering outstanding results for all stakeholders.
His previous roles encompass senior positions at renowned firms like Kimberly Clark Canada, Lotus Beauty, and Future Retail. Here, he adeptly managed multi-million dollar brand portfolios, contributing significantly to their growth and success.
Abhishek holds an MBA in marketing, and his exceptional fusion of practical experience and academic acumen equips him to construct robust brands capable of thriving in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.